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In 2013 Susannah walked into a small store in Albuquerque, New Mexico and felt a sense of complete peace. It was so profound she spent the next few days sitting in the store wallowing in that feeling. That experience put her on the shamanic path to becoming an initiated Kuraq Akulleq (4th Level Priest & Wisdom Keeper) in the Incan Tradition

Susannah began her adult life with the expectations of her upbringing; the wrong choice of a first husband; the joys and stresses of raising two children; remarried with the joys and stresses of integrating two families; the competence and creativity to survive in corporate America; and the invaluable capacity to develop deep and abiding relationships. 

It has taken tremendous courage to say “No!” to her known world and say “Yes!” to an unknown future. This honoring of her intuitive choice has led and continues to lead her, from her own personal terror, to the joy discovered on her soul’s true path. 

Susannah’s hard-won ability to trust her own being enables her to help others on a journey to their own deepest knowing. She is able to trust her intuition in the context of a true dialogue with another. She brings both power and humility to her relationship with others that almost immediately create an atmosphere of trust. She uses the Medicine Wheel as an essential tool to guide both her own and her client’s intuition.


She also brings a unique appreciation of the necessary balance between the practical realities of the material world and a consciousness of our spiritual life in relationship with natural world. She is led by Spirit, as a Peruvian Fire Shaman, with mother earth and her power animals, to help others awaken to a consciousness that not only heals the individual but also heals the world.


Consciousness is the essential task of humankind.

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