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Sunset Horizon

Most shamanic traditions work within three worlds. In the Peruvian Fire Shaman there is the Upper (Hanaq Pacha), Middle (Kay Pacha) and Lower (Ukhu Pacha) worlds. This is the trinity of shamanism. Each level contains a certain vibrational quality that holds specific wisdom and healing that is accessible by entering a non-ordinary or altered state of consciousness. This altered state has been cultivated by mystics, monks, saints, and yogis. It is known as the "quite mind" by the Laika and Buddhas. In the Aboriginal Shamanic culture it is called the dreamtime. Join me to find your own wisdom and healing through journeying. 

Journey to get guidance and wisdom.

Upper World Journey

The Hanaq Pacha is the invisible domain of our destiny and our spirit. This is the world we turn to for spiritual guidance and wisdom. Some call this Heaven. Journeying to this world reveals the depths of our true essential nature and what our purpose is. 

Journey to discover your power animal, plant totems or retrieve a lost soul part.

Lower World Journey

The Ukhu Pacha is where the record of all human history is held, it is the domain of the soul. The landscape is earthy with mountains, valleys and rivers. This is where the essence of all life is is connected and can be communicated with. Power animals reside and plant totems. This houses that part of us that is unconscious, those parts of us that are constantly at play that we are as yet unaware of.  

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