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Please note: these links are resources through people I know, learned from or worked with, items I found that make me laugh, smile or think or books I've read that I learned something from. Unless otherwise noted I receive no funding from these resources. I am also not responsible for any outcomes from contacting or purchasing any listings here. 

People Resources

Shaman Jean teaches the Medicine Wheel and is an initiated Kuraq Akulleq (4th Level Priest & Wisdom Keeper) in the Incan Tradition, a Pipe Carrier, Flowing Hands Energy Therapy Practitioner, Minister & Reiki Master.         

Tarot Counseling - Katrina Wynne, m.a. Counseling & Classes.

Jeffer Daykin, MAT. Provides tarot readings as well as compassionate listening for individuals and couples to help people feel deeply seen and heard without judgement.


Sandbox Psyche is Jordan Hoggard's online home who is an internationally known Author and Tarot Professional. And, now Sandbox Psyche is proud to be home to The Divination Studio Team of Jordan Hoggard, Karen Sealey, Holly Troy, and Raquel Fonseca!

Amazon Affiliate Links - COMING SOON! 

Yes, I get a small payment should you purchase via any of these links and thank you for doing so which in turn helps support this business!  

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