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Camp Fire

Fire Ceremony

The fire ceremony is a key practice for Shamanic work. New Moon, Full Moon, Equinox or Just Because... the Peruvian Fire Shaman heals through fire, working on specific issues, to release old programming, values or beliefs that no longer work for present day, to celebrate life and linage. To help the two footed and four footed to cross over the rainbow bridge. 

Senior Woman Dancing

Modern Crone Ceremony

Susannah is now the oldest living female in her family after the passing of her mother in 2022. At the time, one of her girlfriends said, "You need to have a Crone Ceremony!"  What? A Crone by definition is an unpleasant or ugly old woman. Todays Crone is the oldest living female, regardless of age, in the immediate line of women, who is often still working, still raising a family or caring for grandchildren or elderly parents.

  • The Wisdom Keeper is usually fifty and sixty years old who are still working, still caring for children and possibly grandchildren.

  • The Wise One is the elder Crone is seventy years and beyond and is the keeper of the stories to share and share again.  

Let's plan a Gathering of Crones to ‘Come Sit by My Fire’ with good food, great stories, excellent company while performing the sacred ceremony as a rite of passage to embrace your Crone spirit. We will we honor the passing of the last Crone in your life, receive the healing and wisdom to become the new Crone and to be blessed by your linage.  

Outdoor Wedding Altar


Shaman Susannah is registered with Universal Life Church to perform wedding ceremonies and renew vowels in all communities including but not limited to LGBTQ+ community. 

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