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Energetically Balancing
Your Adrenals

Balancing your adrenal pulse with the “earth pulse” which is the pulse at which the earth resonates, can be very beneficial if you experience much stress in your life or you have been through a traumatic event. The “Earth Pulse” is known as the Schumann Resonance and is approximately 8 beats per minute.

When your adrenal pulse is slowed down to match the “earth pulse”, it works towards balancing your adrenals, and bringing you “back down to earth”. When our system is in a constant state of adrenal imbalance (fight or flight), it is difficult to achieve healing. Abnormal function of an adrenal system has been correlated with inflammatory diseases and deficient immune function. While in this state the body suppresses the healing hormones we need to recover from stress.

Resetting our fight-or-flight response can help you work towards relieving the devastating physiological effects of stress. It is recommended that if you experience a “shocking” experience such as an accident, you should have your Adrenals balanced energetically.

If you are interested in this service please send a message via the Contact & Payment page or click on the Contact Me link below.  

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