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Heavy Energy Clearing (Extractions)

In the Incan shamanic traditions there are no “bad or negative” energies. There are only energies that are “light,” and so support life, and energies that are “heavy,” which need to be removed.

There are times in our lives when events, addictions or traumas, can attract Heavy Energies or Entities. Heavy Energy that we create in our own lives, or that is created by someone else that we come in contact with, can take on a life of its own and impact us in various ways. This dense energy needs to be removed and discarded.

Sometimes, an Earthbound Spirit may be present. That spirit can attach to your energy body. The spirit should be removed and sent across the Rainbow Bridge to The Light, so that you and the spirit can receive healing.

Shaman Susannah works with removing Hucha (Heavy Energies) and Entities that have invaded your field. The need for Exorcism is very real—even in today’s world.

If you are interested in this service please send a message via the Contact & Payment page or click on the Contact Me link below.  

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