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The Illumination process transforms heavy energies into light, thus allowing you to turn your emotional wounds into sources of power and wisdom.

An Illumination burns up any sludge or deposits that have attached themselves to your chakra wall. It combusts any toxic energy causing physical and emotional imprints. This then allows the cleaning of the imprints from your Luminous Energy Field that are associated with the “theme” you are working through. When the imprints are erased (cleaned out) negative emotions and behaviors can be erased thus allowing your immune system to open up and allow physical healing to move forward.

Since only one healing issue, along with its chakra, should be worked on during this type of session, it is important that the core issue be found. While working with your Shaman, issues will make themselves known. This then begins the process of homing into the deep-down core that affects your chakra as you both, together, talk it through.

If you are interested in this service please send a message via the Contact & Payment page or click on the Contact Me link below.  

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