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Shaman Susannah stayed the course pursuing her Shamanic studies and depth of personal growth. She returned across country several times over the years to learn about shaminism from her mentor and how to use it to her highest good for others. She has a strong and peaceful inner strength I have watched evolve.

She has the gift of listening to those who ask for help in transitioning to the other side of the afterlife. While working together she asked if there was any earthbound souls that might be surrounding me and wanted to cross over. They were identified and one was asking me to forgive them before they could go. I believe Susannah's steady calm state allowed them to gather, respond and transition. 

She is also a Reiki Master and as such a healer. She also interprets Tarot.

She has earned the path of Shaman.

May you know her spirit and gift.

Angela Gamiz 

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